Breaded and fried
baby squid

Allergens: moluscs.

1/2 portion 8,00 €

Portion 12,00 €

Octopus and king prawns with paprika from the Vera region

Allergens: crustacean and moluscs.

Portion 18,00 €

Anchovies from Santoña served with thin crunchy bread and liquified fresh tomato

Allergens: eggs and moluscs.

1/2 portion 10,50 €

Portion 18,00 €

Smoked sardines on top of diced tomato, black olives and strips of Idiazabal cheese.

Allergens: fish and milk.

Portion 13,00 €

Grilled cuttlefish

Allergens: eggs and moluscs.

1/2 portion 9,00 €

Portion 16,00 €

Grilled scarlet shrimp

Allergens: eggs and crustacean.

Price per 100g 12,00 €

Bread and appetizer

Service 1,90 €

10% VAT included

Acorn-fed Iberian ham from Guijuelo

Allergens: gluten.

Portion 23,00 €

Breaded mushrooms with two types of sauces

Allergens: gluten, eggs, milk, nuts, soy and sulphite.

1/2 portion 7,00 €

Portion 12,00 €

Fried cheese duo with caramelized onion

Allergens: milk and sulphite.

1/2 portion 8,50 €

Portion 13,50 €

Seasonal grilled vegetables

1/2 portion 8,00 €

Portion 12,90 €

Croquette trilogy: mussels, Iberian ham, boletus

Allergens: Croquette mussels (gluten, crustacean, eggs, milk, moluscs, fish), Croquette Iberian ham and Croquette boleuts (gluten, eggs, milk, celery).

1/2 portion 7,50 €

Portion 13,00 €

Artesian foie gras with rose petal marmalade served with bread baked with spices

Allergens: gluten. May contain traces of milk and nuts.

Portion 17,50 €

10% VAT included

Cordoba-style salmorejo (garlic tomato soup) with sliced egg and Iberian ham

Allergens: gluten and eggs. May contain traces of milk, nuts soy and sesame.

Portion 7,90 €

Tomato with albacore tuna belly and spring onion vinaigrette

Allergens: fish.

Portion 12,00 €

Mixed salad with lettuces, white asparagus, onion, egg, tomato, green olives and tuna

Allergens: eggs.

Portion 9,50 €

Fresh spinach salad with cured duck meat, sliced mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes

Allergens: nuts and sulphite.

Portion 12,90 €

Grilled squid salad with beans and king prawns

Allergens: crustacean, moluscs and sulphite.

Ración 14,00 €

10% VAT included